Our main goal is to support the Senior Pastor’s vision for ministry as expressed through our mission, to make “dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ” and by advocating the values of the church, “Worship, Mission, and Community.” The vision, mission, and values of our church are our culture. It’s our DNA.

Communications Ministry Helps To Shape Church Culture

What does that mean? We are both ministry advocates & supports as well as leaders who help implement the long-range planning as directed by the Senior Pastor. We strive to offer missionally-minded, promotionally-strategic advice, plans, product, and marketing. We can weigh in on matters because we feel the heartbeat of people—both inside the church and those we hope to reach.

I bet some of you are thinking, “Nah. Our communications director just does the bulletin and stuff.”

Well… why?

Who else on your team is reading books like Less Clutter – Less Noise, Church Marketing 101, Surprising Insights, and Church Unique? Who else lives and breathes the church database (F1), the church calendar, and all our processes, as well as can speak into how the decisions being made affect what’s already in play? Who else is paying attention to Barna research and feels personally responsible for protecting the church’s brand—the brand beyond the logo, I mean?

Communications Is Strategy-Driven.
That strategy decides what we commit our resources to supporting.

Who We Are
Our Communications Ministry is staffed with marketing leaders who are strategic partners and a valued resource. They are proactively involved at every critical stage of our church’s ministry development and evolution and work closely with our leadership to craft our messaging. Our reach and impact in the community and the world is significantly enhanced – even sometimes driven – by great design and marketing communications. We believe compelling stories of heart change and life transformation, told through various mediums, have the power to not only inspire an audience into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, but also mobilize individuals to dedicated service in ministry to realize our vision and fulfill our mission. We intentionally leverage our communications at every opportunity to better serve the Kingdom. They are simply indispensable. They are loyal team players.

Who We Are Not
We’re not about helping manage half-baked, last-minute ministry ideas. We don’t design just to keep our website up-to-date. We’re not about blind promotion for programming, events, and activities in the worship guides. We’re more than brochures with a fresh look. We’re thoughtful, strategy-driven, hard-working people who come along side the minsitries of the church as their in-house partner to help make dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ as led by the executive staff of the church.

Adapted From Blog Posts By

Kelley Hartnett
Former Director of Communications
Morning Star Church


Roland Thomas Gilbert
Associate Director of Communications
Highland Park Presbyterian Church